love your work!
-- Steven, 7/1/21

Love your art Jennifer!
-- Suzie Alexander, 11/9/20

So wonderful.
-- Elizabeth Sheridan, 11/8/20

-- Katie. Collins, 11/8/20

This is just lovely!
-- Kathleen Tate, 11/8/20

Love your work!852103
-- Steve Rothert , 11/8/20

Can’t wait to receive your updates.
-- Jean Gake, 11/8/20

Beautiful pieces Jennifer.
-- Patty Bacon, 11/7/20

I walk into the landscapes and I feel refreshed and renewed Jennifer. So go your work is on public display. You are so talented!
-- Deidre Woods, 11/7/20

Beautiful reflections of you. I love this!
-- Deanna Milliken , 11/7/20

It's lovely. Delighted to see your beautiful work in one place. Congratulations.
-- Mia, 11/6/20

So inspiring... your work and who you BE in the world! I wanted to be an Art Teacher and Volleyball Coach in college undergraduate work! Still a Coach and Teacher... just in a different form!
-- Annette Hurley, 11/6/20

So talented!
-- Laura Di Tomasso, 11/6/20

Congratulations! Beautiful!
-- Kelley Salber , 11/6/20

Beautiful art!
-- Tara Boynton, 11/6/20

Beautiful art work. Encourages me to take a moment and really look at my surroundings because what may have become "part of the scenery" is really quite beautiful and awe inspiring.
-- Tonya Chamberlain , 11/6/20

You bring a smile and gratitude to my day when I see your art and positive words.
-- Leslie Waltz, 11/5/20

Congrats! This is awesome!
-- Kathyn Vaughan , 11/5/20

lovely. so glad to see your wonderful paintings presented for sale.
-- Jean Boynton, 11/5/20

I would love to receive news of your art and travels!
-- Helen Brown, 11/5/20

WY to go Jennifer!
-- Kathy Grainger , 11/5/20

love your watercolors & wonderful photos.
-- Joyce Malk, 11/5/20

-- Doreen Palermo, 11/5/20

Jennifer, such lovely inspiring work!
-- Jan Politeo, 11/5/20

Luv this!
-- Carol Endicott , 11/5/20

I love your talented!!!
-- Laurie , 11/5/20

Your art is special just like you!
-- Kay Cole, 11/5/20

I love your art! ❤️
-- Ali Cammelletti , 11/5/20

So much beauty!
-- Rosalie Beer, 11/5/20

Nice Jen! Xxo.
-- Tom Boynton, 11/5/20

I like your art full of life, real from inside out
-- Majdah Barhamein, 6/29/20

Love you and your creative spirt and amazing art!
-- Viv Monahan, 1/29/20

-- Sigrid Gustafson, 1/29/20

The journey continues! Looking forward to all the stories, photos and paintings on your travels. Keep smiling!
-- Judy, 1/26/20

Please sign me up for Jennifer Starr Newsletters.
-- Shandel Gamer, 12/10/19

Hi Jennifer accidentally discovered your site and thought i would say hello very nice site
-- Mel Archer, 11/30/19

Love your amazing website. So fun and comprehensive. One that needs to be visited frequently❣️
-- Suzy Carroll , 4/19/19

Loved reading all about your art. Your passion for art, nature, and travel shine through.
-- Jean Boynton, 4/12/19

I enjoy your work so much! Your personality shines through each one!
-- Kathy Rock, 4/12/19 is a secure connection.

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